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Dr. Jon Andreja Nuotclà



Phone: +49 761/203 54111

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-5568-8197 


Jon Andreja is interested in the mechanisms underlying the evolution of altruistic behaviour and sociality in insects. His main models are cooperatively breeding ambrosia beetles, which he studies in the field and using laboratory culture techniques. He developed novel experimental approaches to investigate the plasticity of social behaviour which includes permanent individual marking techniques, complex long term behavioural essays, olfactory choice experiments and automatized field trapping. While working on his MSc and PhD at the University of Bern, Switzerland, he investigated the role of insect-microbe interactions and habitat quality for social decision making.
Currently he continues this work as a research fellow at the Chair of Forest Entomology and Protection, University of Freiburg, where he is also involved in teaching student courses and supervising Bachelor and Master theses. Students looking for thesis topics on insect social evolution are very welcome to contact him via e-mail or in person. Although his main expertise is based in cooperatively breeding ambrosia beetles, Jon Andreja is happy to support motivated students with a deep interest in other social insect taxa as well. Currently he is especially looking for people that are interested in field and laboratory work surrounding various behavioural ecology topics like individual social decision making, conditional dispersal, habitat choice, flight dynamics and insect microbe interactions.