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How the current drought benefits bark beetles

After the cool and rainy spring, Prof. Peter Biedermann had predicted a rather weak bark beetle year for southern Germany. After a long, hot dry period, however, things are now already looking different. "The buffer from the spring has largely been used up again," Biedermann said in response to a question from the Tagesschau. The natural tree defense by resin is significantly weakened due to the heat and drought and so the beetles have an easy game.
However, the threat to our forests cannot be reduced to the bark beetle infestation in spruce stands. In the future, the death of many other tree species is to be expected. Even if these show other symptoms than the bark beetle, the attacked tree health is nevertheless due to the same cause, the change of the climate, explains Biedermann. He emphasizes: "In order to preserve our forests, climate protection must be given the highest priority.

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